Influenster Sunkissed VoxBox


I am an influenster (check it out at That fits well because I have an oppinion about almost everything and I am not afraifd to share it. I recently have received the Sunkissed Voxbox for free from influenster with great products to try out. Included were: Dr Scholls High Heal insoles, Goody Hair Ouchless Ribbon elastics, Olay fresh effects BB cream in the shade light and a Sinful Colors Sinfulshine nail polish in yellow.
First of all: I was super excited for all the items since they are perfect for the summer!
I want to review all of the items as well and will add on more pictures later on.

Let me start with the Olay Fresh Effects BB cream. It is part of their Fresh effects series and I have tried the cleanser previously. I honestly never tried a BB cream before and I rarely ever wear foundation because all the ones I tried don’t hold up in the summer heat and clogg my pores. The Olay Fresh Effects BB cream came full size and the light shade was perfect. I have read many reviews where people complained about the fruity scent it has but honestly, you only smell this while applying and I did not think it was that bad.

What I love about it:
It blends in super easy. Please be aware that this cream doe snot seem to provide a full coverage but sheer coverage which brings me to the next point: it is fairly light and holds up well. Also, it makes it easy to match your skin color! I do not feel like I covered my face under something. A huge bonus: it has SPF 15!

What I did not like:
The smell is not the greatest but it does not bother you for long. My husband did not notice any of it 10 minutes after I applied.

You can find the full size 2.5 fl oz retail for $14.99 on recommend it if you are not a fan of foundation but do like light coverage during some days. as you can see the coverage is sheer but nice.The picture was taken after wearing the BB cream all day in the office.Great for a busy 24/7 lifestyle!

Next of, the nail polish. I am not the biggest fan of yellow nail polish but I am aware of the brand since you can buy it at Walgreens and I tried it before. SinfulColors has a great selection of colors.

What I liked:
The bottle is a big size and the brush applies the polish easy and streak free. It covers well after only two coats. Also, go and check out the price, it is very reasonable.

What I did not like:
It chips fairly easy with the daily chores such as washing the dishes. I am also not into the yellow shade, however that is personal preference. I also have pink shades at home which I prefer by the same brand.

The price is very reasonable at $1.99 for a 0.5 ounces bottle at Personally, I try to wear polish for a longer time and donot wnat to change or re-apply the color every few days but if that is something you like this is a great deal!

Now to the ouchless headbands from Goody Hair. These came in a set of 4 and I have been eying them for a while. I wear my hair up for the gym and on some days in the office.

What I liked about them:
I like the color variety and after wearing them to a sweaty spinning class, my hair did not have that typical ‘bump’ in it after taking out the elastic.

What I did not like:
The know at the end. It is not a choice to wear to the office for me but everyone has a different oppionion.

Overall I do like these because I can put my hair up and when I let it down again I do nothave that bump I hate so much. I will however not wear them to work because of the knot. However Goody does also offer the simple hairelastics in their ‘ouchless collection’. The only ones I found online were on the target webpage, retailing for $11.95 for 15pcs total.

Last but not least there was a pair of DR. Scholls High Heel insoles in my Sunkissed Voxbox. I wear heels to the office everyday so i was very excited to try them. These are typical gel insoles with one sticky side and they have a bump at the arch for more support. They are clear so you can wear them in open heels as well. Typical Dr. Scholls: you can trim them to fit, one size fits all.

What I liked:
They are easy to insert and give a nice support, especially to the arch. Great feel for long days in the office and I am sure they work wonderful for special events such as weddings to dance the night away.

What I did not like:
These would be harder to put in very delicate, strappy heels. Once they stick, they are hard to reposition.

Takeaway: I would purchase these again for that new pair of heels that I want to wear for a special event. Keep in mind that these are not super thin so they might not fit with every pair of heels.Also, these are gel so do not leave them in the heat for too long. believe me, I just had the pleasure of scraping gel out of a shoe the other day. It is pretty disgusting!
They retail for $9.99 at and I have seen them at Target and other drugstores as well.

Overall I have to say i am very happy with the contents of the Sunkissed VoxBox and I am happy I got tro try some items that I have not tried before.


Natural care for your skin and hair

All the things we put in and on your body have so many extra ingredients in it which are not necessarily good for you. the largest portion of that is chemicals. I am not the person to scream ” I need all natural products”, but if you have an easy way to treat your body right, then why shouldn’t you? So I am trying to find more natural skin care and haircare items to try and introduce to others. I understand that not all companies are 100% organic but my goal is to find more natural products. Yesterday I e-mailed some companies who caught my interest to see how I an try their products. I already received some positive replies and am excited to try some of the products soon.
That reminds me: working in the hospitality industry, customer service is very important to me. I do not expect to be treated like a queen but to be wowed and treated with respect. So while I talk about the products I try, I will also explain what I think about the company in general. I hope that my journey through the world of natural products will help some others to learn about some companies and find a product to fall in love with.

Pintester Movement 2.0 -healthy gummy bears

I spent the last weeks busy with family life , work (, and University stuff (yay for Summerclasses…). I did not get around to any of my creative projects at all. Sometimes the couch looks so comfortable after a long week and i can watch Friends any day, much to the regret of my husband who hates the show.
Getting an e-mail from Sonja Foust (the Pintester -go check out her blog) about the second round of the Pintester movement I did not hesitate a bit to sign up! The rules this time around were to try out one of her fail… ahem… marvelously planned Pinterest Projects (seriously, check out her blog).
As I was going through her website to look through all the projects she worked on I was getting another Pintester e-mail this week regarding healthy gummy bears. I can’t deny it – I love sweets! The hubby and I are back on the healthy food train and these little bears actually look edible!!
Even better: I have gelatin, sugar substitute and bananas at the house and only needed to get lemon juice and berries. In the original blog post Taralynn Mcnitt (the undressed skeleton) tried three different flavors , two of which I want to try.
The recipe is very easy to follow, on both blogs.
First I worked on the Strawberry-Orange flavored ones. Instead of getting an Orange I was lazy and got Orange Juice, even the one with pulp in it! Got to keep it authentic. I mixed the orange juice and the lime juice (no lemon juice in the house) and the diced strawberries (I figure halfs are fine). All combined in a pot, trying to bring it to a boil looks like this:


Sorry, I focused on the juice so the Strawberries look like a weird, yellow hybrid berry.

After letting it simmer I added everything including the sugar substitute to the blender, as requested and blended until smooth. While letting it cool down I decided teaching Mila a lesson about healthy food.

Since I already chopped up the bananas for the other batch of bears/gummy penises or whatever shape I might find, I just sat on the floor with her. I ate a piece of string cheese while giving her banana. Well let’s just say she is smart. She went for the cheese instead Image

-seriously, check out the drops on her mouth! The banana is still on my floor FYI.

After the whole mixture cooled down a bit, I added 5 packs of gelatine, as requested and blended again. I poured the whole mix into a baking pan and let it sit in the fridge for an hour. Meanwhile I started with the banana gummys.

It was the same deal just that you use a banana and lime juice, simmer the whole thing in a pot which looks like this :


Check out the burnt corner of the pot!

And then the whole thing goes through the blender again. After I chilled both gummy mixes for about 20 minutes, both were pretty solid or at least as solid as gummy bears would be. Next you are supposed to cut out shapes. Taralynn used little bear cookie cutters, Sonja has fun Penis cookie cutters (did I mention to check out her blog??).. I got neither. I love to bake for Christmas though so I used little gingerbread men, stars and hearts.



Overall the taste is not bad. They are a fun little food snack and quick and easy to make!

You can find Sonja’s try here:

and the original here:

And don’t forget to look at all the other projects at the pintester 2.0 movement:


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