Pintester Movement 2.0 -healthy gummy bears

I spent the last weeks busy with family life , work (, and University stuff (yay for Summerclasses…). I did not get around to any of my creative projects at all. Sometimes the couch looks so comfortable after a long week and i can watch Friends any day, much to the regret of my husband who hates the show.
Getting an e-mail from Sonja Foust (the Pintester -go check out her blog) about the second round of the Pintester movement I did not hesitate a bit to sign up! The rules this time around were to try out one of her fail… ahem… marvelously planned Pinterest Projects (seriously, check out her blog).
As I was going through her website to look through all the projects she worked on I was getting another Pintester e-mail this week regarding healthy gummy bears. I can’t deny it – I love sweets! The hubby and I are back on the healthy food train and these little bears actually look edible!!
Even better: I have gelatin, sugar substitute and bananas at the house and only needed to get lemon juice and berries. In the original blog post Taralynn Mcnitt (the undressed skeleton) tried three different flavors , two of which I want to try.
The recipe is very easy to follow, on both blogs.
First I worked on the Strawberry-Orange flavored ones. Instead of getting an Orange I was lazy and got Orange Juice, even the one with pulp in it! Got to keep it authentic. I mixed the orange juice and the lime juice (no lemon juice in the house) and the diced strawberries (I figure halfs are fine). All combined in a pot, trying to bring it to a boil looks like this:


Sorry, I focused on the juice so the Strawberries look like a weird, yellow hybrid berry.

After letting it simmer I added everything including the sugar substitute to the blender, as requested and blended until smooth. While letting it cool down I decided teaching Mila a lesson about healthy food.

Since I already chopped up the bananas for the other batch of bears/gummy penises or whatever shape I might find, I just sat on the floor with her. I ate a piece of string cheese while giving her banana. Well let’s just say she is smart. She went for the cheese instead Image

-seriously, check out the drops on her mouth! The banana is still on my floor FYI.

After the whole mixture cooled down a bit, I added 5 packs of gelatine, as requested and blended again. I poured the whole mix into a baking pan and let it sit in the fridge for an hour. Meanwhile I started with the banana gummys.

It was the same deal just that you use a banana and lime juice, simmer the whole thing in a pot which looks like this :


Check out the burnt corner of the pot!

And then the whole thing goes through the blender again. After I chilled both gummy mixes for about 20 minutes, both were pretty solid or at least as solid as gummy bears would be. Next you are supposed to cut out shapes. Taralynn used little bear cookie cutters, Sonja has fun Penis cookie cutters (did I mention to check out her blog??).. I got neither. I love to bake for Christmas though so I used little gingerbread men, stars and hearts.



Overall the taste is not bad. They are a fun little food snack and quick and easy to make!

You can find Sonja’s try here:

and the original here:

And don’t forget to look at all the other projects at the pintester 2.0 movement:


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21 thoughts on “Pintester Movement 2.0 -healthy gummy bears

  1. Glad they worked out well! And not using penis-cookie-cutters means you can safely snack on them without having to have a lookout to make sure no one finds you nomming down gummy fruit genitalia. Great job! I wish my pork situation had come out as good as these! (check out my failed pin, hah!)

    • Good thought! I actually took some to work yesterday to share with a co-worker who can’t eat sugar. That might have been hilarious for me but a bit awkward for her sitting next to the GM …ahem…

    • Thanks! It depends on the thickness. The one side that faced the pan was more like gummy (well, thicker jello) and the other side was still the same consistency but because of the foamy bubbles felt just a tad different. Definitely not like gummy bears (not as chewy) but still good!

    • It’s a fun healthy snack and your kids could help you with the shapes. They separated super easy from he baking sheet- not so easy from the glass dish from the banana batch!

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