Olive Oil in Beauty Products -80 Acres Review

Personally, I love cooking with olive oil. But while it is good in my food, it is also great to use for your body such as on dry skin, brittle hair or to soak your nails. On my search for natural beauty products I came across 80 acres, a body care line created by McEvoy Ranch. McEvoy Ranch produces organic olive oil and this is used in their body care line. The line itself is simple, which is quite appealing to me. You can choose from three different scents: Blood orange, Lavender and Verde. THe body care choices are lip balm, soap, body oil, body butter, body balm, hand and body lotion, hand and body wash, salt scrub and bath salts. Long story short: these is something for everyone! Another plus is that the producst are paraben, sulfate, bpa and phthalate free and made in Californina.

I decided to e-mail the company to find out if the product is sold anywhere close to me. I am not a big fan of buying full size products without reading reviews and having a chance to try them myself.Their customer service representative Tina replied within a day and did some research for me. Since there is no retailer carrying their line close to me, she offered to send me three small sample packs. I was lucky to receive a body wash and lotion of each scent.
All of the scents are very natural and not overpowering. The verde does not feel like you are slathering yourself in olive oil and is my favorite, while my husband loves the lavender. If you like citrus scents, the blood orange might be perfect for you!
I noticed that all three body washes leave your skin feel clean and fresh, while the scent does not stay very long. The lotions are very moisturizing and get absobed quickly. The scent does stay longer but is not too strong. I loved how my skin felt after using both products and definitely recommend each. I am planning to buy the Verde Travel set as a Christmas gift for family, as well as a Salt scrub for me.

If you are interested to learn more about McEvoy’s Ranch and 80 acres you can go here: http://www.mcevoyranch.com/
To browse though their online shop you can go here:


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