Pintester Movement

I am fairly certain that by now most people know what Pinterest is about and personally I love the page as well. I use it to pin all kinds of DIY, beauty and home or sewing ideas as well as food of course… well basically anything really. I also enjoy to read the Pintester blog. This blog is created by Sonja Foust who took it upon herself to try different pins. Check out her blog here:

The great thing is that she does not just show the glorified pinned picture of the pin but the actual work she puts into re-creating what ever the pin might be about and what the result really looks like. It is quit fun to read. She now posted the “Pintester Movement” where you sign up to work on one of those pins that is sitting on your board since Pinterest first started and is waiting to be crafted/ cooked/ whatevertheheck it might be. Feel free to sign up on her webpage as well and get creative! I have until May 30th to re-create something. That should be fun. I am thinking of sewing one of those maxi skirts. Of course I will share the success on this blog.