Pintester Movement

I am fairly certain that by now most people know what Pinterest is about and personally I love the page as well. I use it to pin all kinds of DIY, beauty and home or sewing ideas as well as food of course… well basically anything really. I also enjoy to read the Pintester blog. This blog is created by Sonja Foust who took it upon herself to try different pins. Check out her blog here:

The great thing is that she does not just show the glorified pinned picture of the pin but the actual work she puts into re-creating what ever the pin might be about and what the result really looks like. It is quit fun to read. She now posted the “Pintester Movement” where you sign up to work on one of those pins that is sitting on your board since Pinterest first started and is waiting to be crafted/ cooked/ whatevertheheck it might be. Feel free to sign up on her webpage as well and get creative! I have until May 30th to re-create something. That should be fun. I am thinking of sewing one of those maxi skirts. Of course I will share the success on this blog.





Our skin gets damaged every day. Not severely of course, but just think about what it all is exposed to. First of all there is the pillow that we possibly slobber on all night (or in my case our dog who sleeps on the bed when we are not home- she thinks she is smart). I personally try to change our pillow cases and sheets once a week and I notice when I become lazy with it – my skin tells me. Especially now, with it getting warmer, we sweat easier and while we sleep all that wanders in our linen on the bed. Then all the things that touch our skin throughout the day like our hands, food, sunrays (or simply big city air!) – all of that affects our skin.

Personally, I have a mixed skin type. I tend to break out with hormonal changes and with stress. Our auntand uncle gave me a Clarisonic Mya 2 for Christmas and I love and recommend it!! I started using it morning and evening but now I got into a routine where I use it every other morning or evening, depending on what I did that day. Now I am searching for new skincare Items to go with it, preferrably natural. I e-mailed a few companies, telling them what I am looking for and what is going on with my skin speciically. I got a ton of great responses from people who wanted to help me and offered some samples so I can try out their products. Over the next monthss I will post small entries about which products I tried and why I like or do not like them. Please know that my reviews are honest and my own oppionion. Noone is paying me for this or asking me to test the products. I simply want to find who is out there that offers great skin and hair care.

Why I started this blog

Hi everyone,


I recently signed up to be a member of the community (MUT) since I love receiving subscription boxes and follow some beauty gurus online. In no way would I consider myself as a beauty guru but I like to try out new makeup and am always on the lookout for new skin and haircare items. My husband suggested I should start a blog about all the stuff I am trying to give others an idea if it is worth trying or not. Since I love talking I figured I should give it a try. I will give my honest opinions about products and customer service and everything else that makes out a company. I am a German gal living in the US so I will review European products as well. To mix it up, I plan to also post some DIYs (I love crafting) and maybe a recipe or two from time to time. Please feel free to give me your opinion about products I post about.