Original Sprout Haircare -Review

When someone asks me for my hairtype, I wish one of the choices is annoying. My hair is waivy and thin but I got tons of it. Of course it does not help that I constantly streighten it and get highlights every two months. One of my close friends is a hair stylist and of course recommends great salon products but i am searchinbg for some alternatives. Looking through the internet I found Original Sprout (https://www.originalsprout.com), advertising “worry-free luxury”. I don’t know about you but I can always use some worry-free for me!So I contacted their customer service, described what I am dealing with on my head and got a quick reply from Melissa. She was super quick answering and offered me one free sample but also recommended the travel sizes they sell (https://www.originalsprout.com/sprout-travel-sizes). I ended up requesting the Island Bliss Shampoo as a sample but also ordered the matching conditioner, the natural shampoo and deep conditioner and the miracle detangler as well as the tahitian oil. Melissa found my order and added the sample right to it. The whole order arrived about 2 days later and I was amazed by the size of the packets. You could fill these in little travel bottles!
Original Sprout
If you look at the ingredients for the Original Sprout products, you will find they are all natural and the products i ordered to try are 100% vegan. They even carry a line of products for children
I have tried the Island bliss shampoo and matching conditioner first. The smell is nice, a subtle mix out of flowers and nuts. It feels great applying and a little goes a long way. The same goes for the conditioner. Afterwards I used a little spritz of the detangler and the tahitian oil just on my ends. The oil was quite interesting to work with, it is not entirely liquid, more like a goo. They pack it in a small glass bottle which is perfect for oils.
Original Sprout 2
I have been using the products since 3 days and have to say I enjoy that little Island ‘vacation’ every evening and my hair feels great. If you are interested in Sprout Organics, I definitely recommend purchasing their samples.If you have tried the childrens products, comment below and let me know how you like them. I will review the natural Shampoo next time!




Our skin gets damaged every day. Not severely of course, but just think about what it all is exposed to. First of all there is the pillow that we possibly slobber on all night (or in my case our dog who sleeps on the bed when we are not home- she thinks she is smart). I personally try to change our pillow cases and sheets once a week and I notice when I become lazy with it – my skin tells me. Especially now, with it getting warmer, we sweat easier and while we sleep all that wanders in our linen on the bed. Then all the things that touch our skin throughout the day like our hands, food, sunrays (or simply big city air!) – all of that affects our skin.

Personally, I have a mixed skin type. I tend to break out with hormonal changes and with stress. Our auntand uncle gave me a Clarisonic Mya 2 for Christmas and I love and recommend it!! I started using it morning and evening but now I got into a routine where I use it every other morning or evening, depending on what I did that day. Now I am searching for new skincare Items to go with it, preferrably natural. I e-mailed a few companies, telling them what I am looking for and what is going on with my skin speciically. I got a ton of great responses from people who wanted to help me and offered some samples so I can try out their products. Over the next monthss I will post small entries about which products I tried and why I like or do not like them. Please know that my reviews are honest and my own oppionion. Noone is paying me for this or asking me to test the products. I simply want to find who is out there that offers great skin and hair care.