Influenster Jolly Vox Box

I love getting new things to try out! I am not going to deny it: of course I am even more excited when the items are free.
Thanks to Influentser I got qualified for the Jolly Vox Box and got to try quite a few items for free.


The box came to me right before the Holidays, so just in time as the name suggested. he contents of this box were: Puffs Plus lotion as a handy “put in your purse” size pack, a NYC eyeshadow trio, A mini Ducktape Roll with a blue/ white flowery design, Rimmel London Show Off lip Laquer and a full box of Skinny Cow divine filled chocolates Candy. Here are all contents:


As we recently got back from our vacation, I brought a cold with me and the Puffs plus lotion were very welcome. i have Puffs in my purse throughout the whole winter and really noticed how much softer these with lotion are. I was worried they would smell strong but I did not notice a scent…then again I did not smell much.

I was also super excited about the eyeshadow Trio. Unfortunately the colors were not very strong for me, even while using primer. The colors look gorgeaous for a cat eye look in the actual pan but on my eyelids they barely had an effect. I do wera neutrals thanks to the Naked 2 palette a lot and might be spoiled.

Next there is the Ducktape. Honestly, I first want’s sure what to do with it but I am crafty and there is Pinterest. Just look up Ducktape flowers, that might be one of my next projects. I will post about it. In any case I think the size is really handy compared to the usual big roll and will be great for srating. There are also tons of fun designs out!

Then there is the Rimmel London Show Off Lip Laquer. I believe the color is 401 Aurora- That’s at least what’s on the label. The color is a beautiful Raspberry color. WHile it doesn’t last super long, it didn’t feel sticky and had a nice scent to it. It also fits perfect in my litle to-go makeup clutch. By now I have three of them, one per most used purse.


Last but not least there is the yummy Skinny Cow Treat. Looking at the box I thought it’s filled with caramel (of course I didn’t read it) but it’s peanut butter and delicious! I am a big fan of the Skinny Cow candy bars and this little chocolate treat will be on my shopping list as well. They come packed in little packs of three and are highly recommended, unless you have certain allergies, in that case please don’t eat them. I will not be responsible for your hives!


Anyhow, I was excited to be selected for the box and I think that Influenster has done great selecting products for us to try for free. Please know that these are my honest oppinions. I got the box half a month back so I had a chance to really try the contents. To become an influenster yourself you can sign up at