The Pintester Movement- my maxi skirt

So the lovely Pintester Sonja Foust recruited some of her loyal followers to please go and work on a Pinterest Project they wanted to work on for a while. She calls it the Pintester Movement. Here you can see some examples:
I just got a sewing machine from my lovely husband as a birthday present. (For my birthday coming up in June.. this is true love!) Since then I spent a boatload of Money at Joanne’s fabric, sewed two pillow cases and two baby blankets. Finally I wanted to work on a project for myself and the Pintester Movement came at a great time.
I was searching high and low on Pinterest for great instructions for a Maxi Skirt that is fairly easy to sew. Finally I found this wonderful lady: and since she posted nice pictures and admitted it would not be easy, I chose her as my teacher.
I followed her instructions step by step: first I went ahead and measured my waist, added two inches as suggested and then measured the way from my hip to the feet so I could figure out how long I need it to be. Cutting the whole thing out was already quite an adventure, possibly because I chose to do so on the floor. I made sure to pin the sides so the pattern (stripes) matches up in the end. Then I started sewing. I guess I should have read her introduction a little more because the first thing I did is jam all the damn material into the machine where it got stuck. This was a great chance to catch up on a Friends episode I only have seen 10 times so far. I waited for my husband to come home, unscrew everything and then I continued sewing.
Long story Short: I sewed the right side followed by the left side and then finally tried it on. Apparently my waist shrunk 4 inches that day because the skirt ended up being too wide. Even with the tube you are supposed to attach up top it would still be too loose. So I placed it on the floor to pin the waist a little tighter. This is where I got one thing right, I got my dog to pose on the skirt, just like Sarah did on her blog. Image


There is one thing to be proud about! Do you also notice that the A-line is barely visible? That is actually fine because I do not want it to have too much flare. I turned the whole thing inside out again and took it in by a little bit, just around the waist. This was the lazy version without opening the original seam and it worked great. Now I just have to figure out the damn tube thing to make the skirt look a little bit better. Let’s see if I can get that in the right with! I am planing to post a picture with the skirt on this Saturday! Overall this project is a success and will be very wearable as soon as tube and skirt are connected.