Skyn ICELAND review

On my search for a good skincare routine I found a company called Skyn ICELAND. On their website they advertise “solutions for stressed skin” (find more info here –>

My skin is definitely affected by stress as I get stressed a lot throug my job alone. Well my skin can become sensitive and I get red cheeks without using blush. The concept of having skincare that works with skin affected by stress sounded great to me. I also like the fact that their products are paraben free. In my opinion, we can always use a few less toxins in our life.

I e-mailed their customer service team to see if there is a retailer near me where I could get a sample. The reply came quick to let me know there is no retailer in Missouri but they would be happy to send me some samples to try out. I love that they asked me for my skin type and concerns as well. Just a few days later I got an envelope with this cute little note in the mail:


It might just be me, but I love little personal touches! I also received four small containers of products to test and instructions, which I thought was perfect. Many companies who do send samples in little jars don’t think about including instructions. You will find instructions for best use on the full size or travel size products, but these kind of containers usually just have the product name on them.


I started the Skyn ICELAND routine the next day. The first product is the glacial face wash. The instructions ask to use a dime size amount, work to lather inbetween hands and apply to face followed by rinsing your face. The cleanser is a soft paste texture and it lathered great when I added just a little bit of water in my hand as well. Yes, I know what the paste could remind you of in the below picture but it actually has a hint of a blue shimmer in it.


A little definitely goes a long way and I even was able to use it with my clarisonic. It does not get super foamy, which I do not mind, but smells very clean and feels great on the face. Once washed off, your face will not feel dry but fresh. In the morning I folowed by applying the Pure Pore Minimizer. This one is a little bit of a thicker paste and I applied it to my nose and right next to it. My husband actually likes this stuff as well, since it does not have a strong perfume smell but just is natural. I then followed by applying the arctic hydrating balm. This stuff is great! It is not as liquid as a lotion and applies really well. Even on a hot day it feels nice and cool on your skin and not as if it will melt of. Last but not least I applied the Icelandic Relief eyecram.I though that this is the product I would need the least, since I do ot have puffy eyes or under-eye circles. I am excited to tell everyone that this product has become my favorite. I love the cooling sensation in the morning. Since you really do not need a lot of it, I still have over half of it left after emptying all the other containers in a week.

Overall I am very satisfied by all products. I love the natural, fresh smell and feel. The fact that each of the products lasted me for at least a week of the skincare routine has amazed me as well, considering these are small containers. As soon as my eyecream is gone, I will definitely purchase a full size one. I do not use it daily but like it for earky mornings. If I do not find a cleanser and lotion that I like even better, these will be bought as well. The only thing that did not impress me is the pore minimizer but I am ok with that!

You can find their products, pricing and more info here: