BzzAgent -LUNA™ mini campaign

 I have been involved with BzzAgent for almost a year now. If you are not familiar with Bzzagent, it is a word-of-mouth program where you get products to test, most of the time complimentary and in return give your honest opinions and share feedback as much as you can. I don’t blog about many campaigns because in the past I mainly had food related items. You can find more information here:

 luna mini

Last month they started sending out invites for the LUNA™ mini campaign where you get to try the device from FOREO for a great price. My husband and I both agreed and got our Bzzkits two days ago. I received a light pink LUNA™ mini and his is gray. We already use the Clarisonic mia 2 at home and this gives us a chance to compare the two. This is the Bzzkit that I received in the mail:


Here is some information about the LUNA™ mini that I am copying out of the booklet it came with:

  • It is recommended to use it twice daily for a minute each time.
  • It promotes visibly brighter & healthier looking skin in just 3 days.
  • The device has a 2 year limited warranty an you do not need to purcase replacement brushes
  • It is suitable for all skin types
  • It is fully water proof so you can use it in the shower or bath
  • it has an integrated battery and comes with a USB cord to charge
  • The nanabrasive silicon brush promises a more hygienic solution than other sonic brushes

This all sounded promising to me and I have heard from other people using the Luna that they like varying it with the Clarisonic. I have started using the LUNA™ mini yesterday both morning and evening and will post again in a week  how I truly feel about the device. My first impression is that it is a good deal since you do not have to purchase replacement heads. It is small so you can travel with it. So far it also looks like it is easy to clean. 

Update: I have used the device for a full month and love it in compination with the Clarisonic. I believe my Mia2 removes makeup better, but I love how easy the LUNA™ mini is to clean and use and it holds the charge longer.


Meanwhile, Bzzagent and FOREO gave us codes to share. You can use the code for 35% off your order at until 1-31-2014. The code is 6ZFXWH.



Skyn ICELAND review

On my search for a good skincare routine I found a company called Skyn ICELAND. On their website they advertise “solutions for stressed skin” (find more info here –>

My skin is definitely affected by stress as I get stressed a lot throug my job alone. Well my skin can become sensitive and I get red cheeks without using blush. The concept of having skincare that works with skin affected by stress sounded great to me. I also like the fact that their products are paraben free. In my opinion, we can always use a few less toxins in our life.

I e-mailed their customer service team to see if there is a retailer near me where I could get a sample. The reply came quick to let me know there is no retailer in Missouri but they would be happy to send me some samples to try out. I love that they asked me for my skin type and concerns as well. Just a few days later I got an envelope with this cute little note in the mail:


It might just be me, but I love little personal touches! I also received four small containers of products to test and instructions, which I thought was perfect. Many companies who do send samples in little jars don’t think about including instructions. You will find instructions for best use on the full size or travel size products, but these kind of containers usually just have the product name on them.


I started the Skyn ICELAND routine the next day. The first product is the glacial face wash. The instructions ask to use a dime size amount, work to lather inbetween hands and apply to face followed by rinsing your face. The cleanser is a soft paste texture and it lathered great when I added just a little bit of water in my hand as well. Yes, I know what the paste could remind you of in the below picture but it actually has a hint of a blue shimmer in it.


A little definitely goes a long way and I even was able to use it with my clarisonic. It does not get super foamy, which I do not mind, but smells very clean and feels great on the face. Once washed off, your face will not feel dry but fresh. In the morning I folowed by applying the Pure Pore Minimizer. This one is a little bit of a thicker paste and I applied it to my nose and right next to it. My husband actually likes this stuff as well, since it does not have a strong perfume smell but just is natural. I then followed by applying the arctic hydrating balm. This stuff is great! It is not as liquid as a lotion and applies really well. Even on a hot day it feels nice and cool on your skin and not as if it will melt of. Last but not least I applied the Icelandic Relief eyecram.I though that this is the product I would need the least, since I do ot have puffy eyes or under-eye circles. I am excited to tell everyone that this product has become my favorite. I love the cooling sensation in the morning. Since you really do not need a lot of it, I still have over half of it left after emptying all the other containers in a week.

Overall I am very satisfied by all products. I love the natural, fresh smell and feel. The fact that each of the products lasted me for at least a week of the skincare routine has amazed me as well, considering these are small containers. As soon as my eyecream is gone, I will definitely purchase a full size one. I do not use it daily but like it for earky mornings. If I do not find a cleanser and lotion that I like even better, these will be bought as well. The only thing that did not impress me is the pore minimizer but I am ok with that!

You can find their products, pricing and more info here:

Influenster Sunkissed VoxBox


I am an influenster (check it out at That fits well because I have an oppinion about almost everything and I am not afraifd to share it. I recently have received the Sunkissed Voxbox for free from influenster with great products to try out. Included were: Dr Scholls High Heal insoles, Goody Hair Ouchless Ribbon elastics, Olay fresh effects BB cream in the shade light and a Sinful Colors Sinfulshine nail polish in yellow.
First of all: I was super excited for all the items since they are perfect for the summer!
I want to review all of the items as well and will add on more pictures later on.

Let me start with the Olay Fresh Effects BB cream. It is part of their Fresh effects series and I have tried the cleanser previously. I honestly never tried a BB cream before and I rarely ever wear foundation because all the ones I tried don’t hold up in the summer heat and clogg my pores. The Olay Fresh Effects BB cream came full size and the light shade was perfect. I have read many reviews where people complained about the fruity scent it has but honestly, you only smell this while applying and I did not think it was that bad.

What I love about it:
It blends in super easy. Please be aware that this cream doe snot seem to provide a full coverage but sheer coverage which brings me to the next point: it is fairly light and holds up well. Also, it makes it easy to match your skin color! I do not feel like I covered my face under something. A huge bonus: it has SPF 15!

What I did not like:
The smell is not the greatest but it does not bother you for long. My husband did not notice any of it 10 minutes after I applied.

You can find the full size 2.5 fl oz retail for $14.99 on recommend it if you are not a fan of foundation but do like light coverage during some days. as you can see the coverage is sheer but nice.The picture was taken after wearing the BB cream all day in the office.Great for a busy 24/7 lifestyle!

Next of, the nail polish. I am not the biggest fan of yellow nail polish but I am aware of the brand since you can buy it at Walgreens and I tried it before. SinfulColors has a great selection of colors.

What I liked:
The bottle is a big size and the brush applies the polish easy and streak free. It covers well after only two coats. Also, go and check out the price, it is very reasonable.

What I did not like:
It chips fairly easy with the daily chores such as washing the dishes. I am also not into the yellow shade, however that is personal preference. I also have pink shades at home which I prefer by the same brand.

The price is very reasonable at $1.99 for a 0.5 ounces bottle at Personally, I try to wear polish for a longer time and donot wnat to change or re-apply the color every few days but if that is something you like this is a great deal!

Now to the ouchless headbands from Goody Hair. These came in a set of 4 and I have been eying them for a while. I wear my hair up for the gym and on some days in the office.

What I liked about them:
I like the color variety and after wearing them to a sweaty spinning class, my hair did not have that typical ‘bump’ in it after taking out the elastic.

What I did not like:
The know at the end. It is not a choice to wear to the office for me but everyone has a different oppionion.

Overall I do like these because I can put my hair up and when I let it down again I do nothave that bump I hate so much. I will however not wear them to work because of the knot. However Goody does also offer the simple hairelastics in their ‘ouchless collection’. The only ones I found online were on the target webpage, retailing for $11.95 for 15pcs total.

Last but not least there was a pair of DR. Scholls High Heel insoles in my Sunkissed Voxbox. I wear heels to the office everyday so i was very excited to try them. These are typical gel insoles with one sticky side and they have a bump at the arch for more support. They are clear so you can wear them in open heels as well. Typical Dr. Scholls: you can trim them to fit, one size fits all.

What I liked:
They are easy to insert and give a nice support, especially to the arch. Great feel for long days in the office and I am sure they work wonderful for special events such as weddings to dance the night away.

What I did not like:
These would be harder to put in very delicate, strappy heels. Once they stick, they are hard to reposition.

Takeaway: I would purchase these again for that new pair of heels that I want to wear for a special event. Keep in mind that these are not super thin so they might not fit with every pair of heels.Also, these are gel so do not leave them in the heat for too long. believe me, I just had the pleasure of scraping gel out of a shoe the other day. It is pretty disgusting!
They retail for $9.99 at and I have seen them at Target and other drugstores as well.

Overall I have to say i am very happy with the contents of the Sunkissed VoxBox and I am happy I got tro try some items that I have not tried before.