S.W. Basics of Brooklyn -Review

Do you know that feeling when you eat something out of the supermarket’s freezer but are not really sure about all the ingredients? Usually there are fillers and products thta are not good for you and your body this seems to be the same with skin care. Don’t get me wrong, I also try skin care that is not all organic but I am even more excited when I get to try skincare that is natural. So I had heard about S.W. Basics when reseraching organic skin care. Because I had never heard of them before, I did some more research on their website http://swbasicsofbk.com/our-story.

Adina Grigore, the companie’s founder, explains on this webiste in the “our story” section that she was originally looking for skincare just for herself becuase she felt unsure about all the other products out there. All of their products have five or less ingredients and are made from scratch, which spoke to me right away.  I decided to e-mail them to find out more about their products. Jessica answered me super fast (less than a day!) and was extremely helpful. She told me I can purchase a trial size set and try out for myself. The skincare sounded great and so I purchased a set. Originally it was supposed to be a cleanser, toner, mini cream and lip balm but I believe I did not get the lip balm. I still think it is a great deal and didn’t sweat it. The items are one ounce sizes and little glass containers which I love!


(Sorry about the picture being a bit blurry)

The cleanser has a little screw cap, just like a juice bottle, the toner is a spritz bottle and the mini cream is a nice little glas jar. All of them are truly full and not just half way, like some sample sizes you can get for free. All together the items lasted me four weeks (and I still have toner!).

The Cleanser

The cleanser has only three ingredients, which I love. It is made from organic rose water and organic vegetable clycerine, as well as a little bit of tea tree oil. No soap or alcohol in it! I found it hard to work the cleanser with my clarisonic mia 2, which I adore. IIt probably could collaborate if you aply the cleanser to your skin first, but I felt like I would have washed the cleanser off too fast. So for the time being I used the cleanser without the clarisonic. The smell is not a light smell but very natural and clean. Overall it felt great on the skin, not drying at all. My husband tried it once and liked it as well. I would consider repurchasing it if I was more comfortable using it with the clarisionic or If I wante dto just to use it by itself.

The Toner

In the evenings I would use a spritz of the toner right after the cleanser. The ingredients listed are: Water, organic raw apple cider vinegar, witch hazel from Wild Crops Farm, MO and organic essential oils of clary sage and sandalwood. I love the smell of sandlewood, but unfortunately all I smelled while applying was the vinegar. I am not a fan of apple cider vinegar and that might be the problem. By no means did it smell bad, it smelled very natural, but there are some scents that you do not like. For some it is lavender, others don’t like fruity smells, I do not like vinegar. I decided to get over myself and just apply it anyway . I have to say that I did like the feeling in the morning, having refreshed skin, however I skipped a few evenings because of the smell. Although I personally will not repurchase because of the scent, I do recommend it for working well.

The Cream

This little pot was the most surprising for me. At first when I opened it I thought it was the lip balm, because it is not labeled. When I looked on the website, I noticed that it is the cream. The three ingredients listed are:  Wildcrafted unrefined shea butter -Fairtrade (!), organic extra-virgin coconut oil and organic extra-virgin olive oil. I love coconut and I know olive oil is good for you, inside and out. I applied the cream in the mornings after cleansing and first was worried that it is too rich (remember, at first i thought it was balm), but remembered quickly that is shea butter is a bit richer. The great thing is that it absorbed quickly, yet it keeps your face feel great all day. I had no problem applying makeup right after and on warmer days it did not feel like I am sweating it off. Overall I definitely recomend this because it will last you a good amount of time and feels and smells great.

The Brand

I enjoyed trying out the products from S.W. Basics of Brooklyn. Besides the smell of the toner all products were lovely and definitely recommended. Although I do not love the price tag I do believe it is very resaonable. You get products with just a few ingredients that you can identify and do not come out of a laboratory and that work well. I do believe that hese are great for anyone with sensitive skin. Another bonus (to me) is that the products used are organic and some even fair trade and that everything is made from scratch. Also, their service is great. As you might know, customer service is very important to me and Jessica’s responses were prompt, honest and helpful with a bit of humor which was very refreshing.

In the future I still plan to try their makeup remover because it sounds good but I am worried it might be too oily as well as their exfoliant because the ingredients sound great! 


Find out more about the cleanser here: http://store.swbasicsofbk.com/products/cleanser

Find out more about the Toner here:  http://store.swbasicsofbk.com/products/toner

Find out more about the cream here: http://store.swbasicsofbk.com/products/cream